Our Privacy Policy has been amended to comply with new GDPR rules set to come into force on 25th May 2018.

prettyblinds.com takes Data Protection and Data Privacy very seriously. Please continue reading for full details of what data is gathered and how it is stored and used.

We will never sell or share your personal details.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small, encrypted text files intended to improve your experience of a website by remembering information such as your login details, your recently viewed pages, your preferences, etc. By default WordPress has cookies for the purpose of logging in to the site and for leaving comments on our posts. However, to minimise the data that we are collecting, we have disabled these features on our site. You can also choose to reject and delete cookies in your browser so that you have control over what information is shared when you visit websites. Please note that rejection of cookies may cause some parts of the site to not perform correctly. You can find out more about cookies at the third party website aboutcookies.org

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our website which means that we gather certain information such as IP Address, Gender, City, etc. (for a full list of information gathered please see Google Analytics own terms). We use this information solely for the purpose of seeing where our visitors are based so that it can assist us with the planning of future releases, events and tours.

Affiliate Disclaimer

We are an affiliate site and cover our running costs via purchases made through third party retail sites. Purchasing won’t cost you anything extra, we just get a little commission from the sale.

  • affiliate links are clearly marked on the buy button which will state “view at (the retailers name)”
  • we only use reputable third party companies that we trust and use ourselves
  • we are not responsible for the privacy policies and practises of these third party companies

Social Media

All social media sites have their own privacy policies and we cannot be held responsible for how they handle data. While we will interact with you on social media, we will never take your details from social media in order to use them for marketing or any other purposes.

Data Protection

At present all data is stored on one office computer and is viewed by one person only. The computer is protected by Bitdefender. Our website uses the following plugins which all comply with GDPR policies:

In the instance that we encounter a security breach on our computer or website, we will put out statement via the website and / or Twitter within 24 hours of the breach occurring.